Product Management Training

Attending Product Management Training is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your career.

Studies show that less than 2% of all Product Managers go through any type of training, so making the commitment to do so can put you far ahead of the pack. If you want to be more effective as a Product Manager and you want to open up possibilities for job promotions, advancement and increase your job satisfaction then training is a “Must-Have” for you.

Important factors in choosing Product Management training:

  • Are the classes small so that you get extensive interaction with the trainer?
    Studies show that small class sizes are FAR more effective—you don’t want to be in a room with 50 other people where you don’t get direct feedback on what you are learning.
  • Are the instructors actively doing Product Management work now?
    It is virtually  impossible to learn Product Management from someone who hasn’t done it for a living and isn’t doing it now to stay current on the latest trends. Don’t settle for classes taught by professors or trainers who only train for a living—make sure that those running the class are actively doing Product Management (preferably as consultants or contractors).
  • Is the methodology flexible and modern and can it be applied to your specific situation?
    Don’t settle for a company whose methodology was created many years ago and isn’t flexible to apply to your specific situation.
  • Does the training cover the entire product lifecycle and include corresponding templates?
    You’ll want to take training that teaches you how to manage any product at any phase in its lifecycle. Even if you aren’t responsible for all phases of the lifecycle, you’ll still need to be an expert in order to influence those who are so that your product is as successful as possible.
  • Are the courses available in the format that you need, including in-person, virtual and online?
    Make sure the you are available to take the courses on your schedule and in the timeframe and manner that works best for you.

These are a few of the factors to consider when choosing which Product Management training course to take. The sponsor of this website, the 280 Group, has extensive training and certification programs if you want to find out more.

Product Management Training

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