Product Management Certification

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself  is to earn a Product Management certification credential. This can help you stand out from the crowd when job-hunting, give you additional credibility with your team and increase your earnings over the entirety of your career.

If you want to get certified it is important to choose a program that is right for what you want to accomplish in your career. Let’s face it—any company can create a training course with their own simple certification exam and try to sell you a credential. That’s why it is so critical to make sure that you have solid criteria for choosing which certification to earn. One of the best certifications comes from the Association of International Product Management & Marketing (AIPMM). It is a great choice for a variety of reasons, and is supported by quite a few training vendors throughout the world and is recognized as a prestigious credential in the profession.

Choosing a Product Management Certification

To give you an idea of what the sponsor of this site, the 280 Group, offers, we have included this comparison chart.

Product management certification

Product Management Certification Comparison

Here are just a few factors to consider when you decide to become certified:

  • Is the credential a worldwide standard? Do the companies that provide training to prepare for the exams and the organization that administers the exam have a worldwide presence that ensures the credential will be well-known and valued in all areas of the world?
  • Is the certification offered by a vendor-neutral third party that administers it? If a training company also created the certification and administers the exams then the credential is not very valuable. After all, any company can create a simple one-hour exam to take after their own training and then claim that you have become certified. This is one reason that AIPMM is so highly-regarded—they administer the exam independently of the training companies that prepare you to take it.
  • Does the certification limit you to only one methodology or framework? A certification is only worthwhile if it is widely applicable. For example, the Pragmatic Marketing Certification is a Product Management Certification that can be useful, but ONLY if the company you want to work for has fully adopted their specific way of doing things. A much more valuable approach is to get certified by someone like AIPMM where the certification shows that you have complete mastery of Product Management in all situations, regardless of the methodology being used at your future employer.
  • Are there self-study courses available or will you be forced to prepare for the Product Management Certification exam via an in-person course? Preparing for a certification exam is something that can be done in-person, but you may also want to take a self-study course that lets you study at your own pace wherever and whenever you want to.